Akshay worked at several multi-national companies and start-ups before he founded DOTDOTDOT in late 2009. He has worked on dozens of brands across industries and his expertise straddles across all verticals of marketing, creative and digital being favourites. While Akshay is an extremely passionate brand marketer, his first love continues to be flying airplanes followed by backpacking across the world.

Brain orientation: Slightly left of center
Ravi has the ideal background you would expect from a marketing strategist. Having worked at several multi-national companies over the years, he can now rattle out a media strategy and put it on a ppt in extempore mode. Ravi thrives on deep diving into market information and research which also explains his keen interest in scuba diving and beach vacations.

Brain orientation: Slightly right of center
Pawan knows the ground realities like nobody does. Having been in the events and activation business for over 15 years, he has made on-ground stuff work for almost all of the biggest brands in the country and is the go-to-guy when the need is BTL. Pawan can cut short a day-long meeting to 10 minutes with the words 'doable' and 'not doable'. He then spends the saved time running marathons.

Brain orientation: Somewhere around center
Jiggy & Kishor are the creative duo that makes everything we do look good. With decades of experience in the field, they have lead teams at some of the most renowned creative agencies. Being Photoshop magicians also makes them both a ladies favorite considering they can make anything and anyone look fab!

Brain orientation: Left corner
Sanjay is a hard-core technocrat. He has spent over a decade creating digital assets for brands and understands the www at the back of his hand. For Sanjay the world is nothing but lines of code which is why you will often hear him quoting dialogues from the Matrix.

Brain orientation: Right corner